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How it Works

How it Works

The process and steps of the application

Register Account

In 3 minutes you are registered at GoGreen.

Deposit USDT first

Acquire USDT from another Green Platform Pioneer ( Note: Report any sign of theft, any legit merchant will send G° first before requesting for fiat payment and will only charge 0.1% fee)

Mining Plan

Users can DEPOSIT and stake minimum of 5 G° AND MINT NEW 0.1% in Go TOKEN FOR FREE EVERY 24 HOURS or BUY GO° Miner & MINE for 720 days, enjoy the newly mints which will add on profit wallet

Transfer Go°

Users can transfer Go° to another user instantly

Refer to Friends

For inviting any friends to the Green Platform, user can generate lots of bonus USD

Mainnet Soon

Withdrawal of newly minted coins will be made to the main wallet and it will take a little time.

We're more than 50+ members family, you can join with us with high confident