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Go token Farming Plans

Users Can Acquire Go Miners And Mine New Go Tokens (G°)

Stake Go°


  • Daily Returns0.8%
  • Capital ReturnYes
  • Return TypePeriod
  • Total Periods720 Times
  • Cancellation No
  • Total Revenue G°43.2
* Sunday are Holidays
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Go° Virtual Miner Model 300

HarvestRig 300


  • Monthly Returns30%
  • Capital ReturnYes
  • Return TypePeriod
  • Total Periods4 Times
  • Cancellation No
  • Total Revenue G°18
* No Profit Holidays
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Miner Current APY Calculation.

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With this our farm miner program you can create a token every 24 hours

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In 3 minutes you are registered at GoGreen.

Deposit USDT first

Acquire USDT from another Green Platform Pioneer ( Note: Report any sign of theft, any legit merchant will send G° first before requesting for fiat payment and will only charge 0.1% fee)

Mining Plan

Users can DEPOSIT and stake minimum of 5 G° AND MINT NEW 0.1% in Go TOKEN FOR FREE EVERY 24 HOURS or BUY GO° Miner & MINE for 720 days, enjoy the newly mints which will add on profit wallet

Transfer Go°

Users can transfer Go° to another user instantly

Refer to Friends

For inviting any friends to the Green Platform, user can generate lots of bonus USD

Mainnet Soon

Withdrawal of newly minted coins will be made to the main wallet and it will take a little time.

Why Choose Us

Why You Need To Farm Go Token

All automated

You do not need special knowledge and skills, the system does the farming for you

Ranking Badge System

You get rewarded for climbing to the top

Referral Level System

You are rewarded same time as your invites , you will earn Upto 20% of your invites daily new mints.

High security level

An innovative data protection system

Built-in wallet

Easy way to deposit or withdraw your money.


Gochain is a POAAA network, first proof of authority augmented automation blockchain, it brings together Proof of authority and Proof of Automation • find the greenmap


Have you heard of the concept always green, our AI will always make sure Go token is always green. You love Greens • you love Go token


Total Users


Total Supply of already minted Go token


Total Active Miner


Newly Minted G° in Past 24hrs

Faq Questions

Explore Your Frequently Asked Questions.

Why two wallets?
Your main wallet serve as your individual wallet and your profit wallet serve as your validator's wallet.
Who are validators?
A validator is an individual or a group responsible for running software that stores data, verifies transactions, and adds new blocks in a proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchain. Validators are replaced by miners in a proof-of-work (PoW) blockchain. Go is still in its working phase and we need validator's to help us operate our system all over the world in turns we will reward them with the newly minted coins and only take a little part of it.
How to Withdraw Money
It's as easy as depositing into the green platform, sell back to us and we'd pay you in Usdt or your country's fiat currency ( limited ).
How can I upgrade my Ranking
Ranking is based on how active you are with envisioning the growth of the green platform with other green members, as your team grows and you reach milestones, you will be ranked automatically and rewarded.
How the Referral Levels works?
We have three systems focused on referral in the green platform (1) You get 3% instant commission on your invitee's immediate purchase s.(2) Profit split, every new Go tokens your team mints, you get a share of this minted coins for life (3) You get rewarded when you get ranked on the green platform
How to deposit USDT
There are two ways to deposit USDT on the green platform. (1) Buy from a friend ( beware) (2) Buy from official Green Merchant (recommended) go to the deposit section on the green platform, select verified merchant ✅ and make your payment. • Note 1: Don't send payment unless you receive Go transfer already from the seller.• Note 2: Unless the merchant create a telegram group chat and you see (("@ggreenverified or @ggreenmerchant")) drop "Proceed" in a group chat, never send your payment. • Note 3: A merchant will never charge you more than 0.1% fee.

We're more than 50+ members family, you can join with us with high confident


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